Plastic Packaging

Shelf-stable, heat-and-serve foods are a convenience for people with no time to cook. Multi-layer containers from Gilpin are the package of choice for shelf-stable, processed foods. Lightweight, portable and microwaveable, these plastic containers are available in white and clear. Custom colors are available.

Gilpin is the source in Asia Pacific for plastic retort containers in standard and custom designs. Available in a range of sizes, the plastic retort containers are designed for pasteurized and hot fill applications. EVOH is used for the oxygen barrier to meet various distribution requirements. A blend of polyethylene and homopolymer polypropylene provides low temperature impact resistance and high temperature strength needed for high-temp processing. The containers are easy to recycle.

Gilpin’s plastic retort containers run on existing filling and seaming equipment with only minor adjustments.

A Total Solution

We supply plastic retort containers and easy-open closures. This helps ensure closures are compatible with the containers. We also source labels and plastic caps.

These aluminum easy-open ends are designed specifically for our plastic retort containers. If you have questions, contact us.

307 (83mm) diameter

401 (99mm) diameter


Retort Bowls

MM-590 307 x 200 (6 oz/177.4 ml)
MM-591 307 x 204 (7.5 oz/221.7 ml)
MM-592 401 x 205 (10.5 oz/310.4 ml)
MM-593 401 x 302 (15 ounces/443.5 ml)

Cups for Pasteurized Crab and Seafood

MM-652 307 x 300 (8 oz/313.7 ml)
MM-651 401 x 308 (16 oz/584.54 ml)