Our Customers

For nearly 60 years, Gilpin has been the world’s first name in easy-open ends, specialty closures and plastic retort containers. Thanks to the Internet, that’s more true than ever. Our ability to provide solutions regardless of the project, the complexity of the application, and location of the customer’s operation has earned our customers’ respect, trust and repeat business.

Our customers choose Gilpin based on our reputation and the fact that we can supply almost anything customers need, in whatever volume that is needed, deliver the order anywhere in the world, and get the best value. We also consult on an as needed basis on filling and seaming line set-up, operation and optimization as well as package selection. We have close relationships with global consumer products companies, large can companies, co-packers as well as smaller, specialty food and beverage companies and startup companies. Our manufacturing network enables us to simplify logistics. Gilpin handles many details that simplifies local logistics.

Contact us and let’s discuss your packaging needs.