Meet Gilpin

Founded in 1963 by Sandy Gilpin and acquired by Paul McClure in 2008, Gilpin is the global leader in easy-open ends, hard-to-find packaging closures, and plastic containers for pasteurized, retort and hot-fill foods. We attribute our success to one thing: focusing on the unique needs of each individual customer.

It’s this flexibility and consistently delivered results that have attracted a customer base that includes premier global brands, specialty and local brands in every corner of the world, universities, and startup companies. Each customer recognizes and values Gilpin’s unique expertise and counts on us for the right solution, the best quality, the best value, and on-time delivery.

Gilpin understands the subtleties of doing business in established and emerging global markets. We have a network of sales agents on every continent who speak the local language and understand local business practices. Although we’re in the business of selling packaging, establishing and maintaining relationships with customers is our ultimate goal. Your success is our success.

Paul McClure, President

A packaging professional with more than 25 years of experience, Paul McClure joined Gilpin in 2004 as president with the responsibility of global sales and marketing. Under his leadership, the company has enjoyed significant expansion, experiencing ten-fold growth. Read More »

Prior to joining Gilpin, Paul served as international market manager for easy-open ends for Sonoco, a global packaging company and among the largest producers of easy-open ends. While at Sonoco, he led major projects that included opening a new easy-open end manufacturing plant in Brazil. He attributes his success to his deep, hands-on understanding of all facets of the packaging industry; Paul has served as plant manager, production manager, and plant engineer in multiple can and easy-open end manufacturing facilities. Paul also has worked as consultant to assist companies with entering Asian, European and South American markets. Paul earned a Master’s of Business Administration from Georgia State University and a Bachelor’s of Mechanical Engineering from Auburn University. Paul is a member of the NFI Crab Council, an organization committed to sustainable practices in the crab industry. In 2011, Gilpin was honored as the SBA Alabama Small Business Exporter of the Year. « Less

Sandy Gilpin, Founder

Sandy Gilpin founded Gilpin in 1963, after working in international sales for Continental Can. Sandy’s initial focus was chemicals and raw materials used by the packaging industry. When easy-open ends began to appear on beverage cans in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, Sandy was intrigued by the technology’s potential. Read More »

He contacted all of the major easy-open end manufacturers in the United States and Europe, offering to sell for them around the world. Soon Sandy was devoted entirely to easy-open ends. Today, easy-open ends are used throughout the world on a myriad of rigid containers. While Sandy doesn’t take credit for the global preference for easy-open ends, he did play a major role in their acceptance by making it easy for buyers and sellers to come together. A Philadelphia native, Sandy earned a degree in Economics from Yale University. « Less