Threatened with a canceled contract, peanut company turns to Gilpin

When a major retailer threatened to cancel a contract over a bad package, Gilpin stepped in and solved the problem and kept the peanut company in business.

The issue? Consumers were cutting their fingers on the peelable aluminum lid, creating an issue for peanut lovers and the retailer. As a solution, Gilpin suggested a multi-layer membrane top that is easier to remove from the can and has no sharp edges. With the peanut customer’s approval, Gilpin set up a trial at the customer’s plant of the new peelable membrane top within days. This included providing new tooling and a seamer expert to convert existing equipment to the new consumer friendly end.

Gilpin also had to ensure compatibility of the customer’s overcap. Within days, we completed a successful trial and soon the customer was shipping peanuts in the improved package to the retailer. Thirty million cans of peanuts later, Gilpin’s customer has received no complaints of cut fingers.