New Packaging, Technical Support, and Terms for the Seafood Industry

Gilpin was working with a major seafood company on a plastic pasteurized cup and aluminum EZO end for crab-meat and oysters.

The seafood executive was open to the lower priced, better performing packaging, but had some other requests. Could Gilpin provide technical assistance to processing factories in different parts of the globe to set up production lines and conduct pack tests? Was Gilpin able to fine-tune the design of our plastic cups to get a better seal? Would Gilpin offer flexible payment terms?

Gilpin assisted this seafood company and others on all counts, delivering a better performing, lower priced packaging solution; providing engineering specs and on-site technical support at customers’ locations regardless of how remote; and offering attractive payment terms. Now, Gilpin is working hand-in-hand with these major seafood companies on packages that extend shelf life and further improvements.