New package opens markets, unlocks greater sales potential

For years, the family-owned U.S. company had sold only fresh crab. While greatly appreciated by their regional customers, the family’s growth opportunities were limited.

The company placed a call to Gilpin in September 2017 with the request to get their crab into a plastic retort container by the end of October. Most packaging companies would have turned the project down due to the tight timetable. Projects like this that include new equipment and a new package typically require up to six months. Not Gilpin. We had the right cups, ends and overcaps. We secured equipment and brought in a process expert to teach them how to pasteurize their crab.

We also trained their people on handling, seaming, and testing the cans and cups. By the end of October, the company was taking their new pasteurized crab to potential retailers and securing new markets far beyond their existing fresh crab market thanks to Gilpin’s expertise and willingness to take on tight deadlines.