Gilpin Scores Industry-wide Grand Slam with Tennis Ball Package

What started as a successful solution for a global tennis ball maker is now a grand slam for Gilpin. Tennis balls are packaged in highly pressured metal or plastic cans with easy-open ends to keep the balls fresh for optimal performance. It’s a difficult package to execute—not for Gilpin.

Our first customer chose Gilpin for our reliability, shorter lead-times, competitive price and our Saferim® end’s cut finger protection. A second well-known brand chose Gilpin for a better end for their PET can. Using our expertise in seaming aluminum ends to plastic, we served up a winning solution that included technical visits to their Southeast Asia manufacturing plant.

Next, we supplied a Japan company with Double Safe ends, the ultimate in cut finger protection.

While the quality and shelf life of the cans was greatly improved, the customer thought the performance of the package could be further improved. Identifying a possible material issue, Gilpin led a meeting with the resin supplier, equipment makers, can manufacturer and the customer’s technical team. We identified the issue and as a result, the shelf life of the package was improved and flat cans virtually eliminated. For this, Gilpin was recognized as the benchmark for customer service.

Today, the world’s leading tennis ball brands trust Gilpin as their sole supplier for ends. That’s a #1 ranking we’re proud of!